Cannabía® first legal hemp drink of mankind!


What is Cannabia?

Cannabía® first hemp beer ( Cannabis beer) of mankind was born in March 1996 , when Germany officially authorized the cultivation of hemp, the so called “fiber hemp”.
A secret combination of both by hand selected and harvested organic plants: hops and cannabis, give as result the unmistakable hemp aroma of Cannabía®.
dupetit Natural Products was already working with and on hemp aroma for its food, sweets and perfume as well as the organic cosmetic line… and we liked beer …
So why not to try how hemp tastes as a substitute of hops? Why not to convince an organic brewer to brew a “hemp beer” in a traditionally brewing way, an organic and pure hemp beer… with Bavarian spring water and organic hemp? Perhaps…with some luck…
Cannabia® then sought out one of the country’s great master-brewers, who also had an understanding and respect for the concept of traditional, organic brewing, as well as the technical expertise to deliver a high-quality organic product for a good price.
Together with dupetit Natural Products he carefully crafted the idea into the finished recipe by adding to our organic German hemp this experience and knowledge, as well his organic malt, hops and yeast giving Cannabía® its unique taste.
Some months later… this idea became finally true and got its way into the worlds throats in liquid form…
Cannabía® contents more hemp than hops!
Cannabía® is brewed in Germany partially as a traditional organic* “Pils”, a Lager-beer, and in a second step, a secret special organic hemp*, source water & organic sugar* blend is added before fermentation has ended. This healthy “Beer & Hemp mixed beverage” is after several weeks of fermentation and maturation process bottled up for you and friends.
Its contents of protein is naturally stabilized to get a longer conservation. Its yeast it is not genetic manipulated.



The production of Cannabía® was authorized first 1996 in Germany by the Berliner health authorities.
Through the use of hemp in the beer composition we have noticed and certified an enhancement of the expiry time of more than 33% !
For this reason, Cannabia® has an enhanced best time compared with conventional beers!
This economical factor is one of the most important reasons that moved us to take the decision to use hemp in Cannabia®.

We have developed two formulas for Cannabia ® adapted to the countries of distribution and their actual hemp related laws.
We have a new developed recipe for countries where a hemp beverage can only be done with hemp seeds, so that even there we can achieve a permission of circulation and keep the original taste since 1996.

Cannabia® the original, the first one. The one that the whole hemp world knows since 1996!


Circulation permits:

In the meantime, many countries have authorized the circulation of Cannabia® in a written way as for example: England, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Poland, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Eastland and recently: Japan and Yugoslavia (actually Serbia & Montenegro). Other countries do not ask for permission in advance (as their law allows) and never had any problems with the beverage.
In Greece, the French (!) state intervened 1997 following the prohibition until 4/01. From that date, after many trials in that country, we have the definitive permission for the whole EU for what we congratulate Kannabisshop, Greece and thank also everybody in the EU in Brussels and of course in the French Republic and its Ministry of Industry, for the great help!
In Switzerland as well as in Germany is the production of food and drinks with a content of THC lower than 0,005% allowed.
Since in Japan, for the Shinto-Religion, Cannabis Sativa L. is the holiest plant, now the Japanese beer lovers finally enjoy the most harmonic beer in the world:
Cannabia® first legal hemp drink is harmonized with the Shinto holly hemp plant!
And this is what really hemp does in beer: it harmonizes it!
Hemp makes beer perfect!
In few years from now, many beers in the world will content hemp, or will be brewed exclusively with hemp and no hops, we guess…

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