Drug Development

The Drug Development Division focuses on horticulture, laboratories, manufacturing, distribution, patient education, and tracking. Crown Baus Capital focuses on global markets and participates in both national and state markets. There are advantages to being involved at both federal and state levels, such as the differing barriers of entries into these markets. Crown Baus intends to have product lines in its portfolio that represent nutraceuticals, cosmetics, and food supplements. Nutraceuticals typically are described capsules, oils, food products, and powders. Cosmetic products include creams, lip balms, anti-aging serums, and makeup. Crown Baus also has natural food supplements like cookies, juices, and other foods like those found at a Whole Foods supermarket or other natural grocer.

Crown Baus believes in the paramount importance of working with appropriate regulatory authorities on both the national and state level. A portion of the Crown Baus portfolio focuses on the formulations targeting cancers, HIV/AIDS, and other critical ailments. At the same time market research and observational patient data may be obtained by participating in state markets, which simultaneously create shorter-term revenues and cash flows that will allow Crown Baus to operate in a growth model.

Drug development

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