Ringing the cash register and creating cash flow is the quintessential element of business. This is only properly done with an efficient distribution model. Distribution is managed logistically on multiple levels.

Global distribution is done through the partners of Crown Baus. Multiple existing resources have been acquired that give us the ‘rails’ for global distribution. We facilitate European product lines expanding into the United States and North American markets, and then furthering North American market focus on additional distribution channels into the South American markets is a focus.

National distribution in each individual nation is done on a regional basis and strategy for cost savings is applied.

Regional distribution hubs service customers in a larger geographical area more efficiently.

Local distribution is done on a state by state basis to take advantage of market opportunities. Local stores, such as “mom and pop” type stores are in great demand and have a niche that the superpower distributors  can never compete with.

These distribution channels are serviced by wholesale representatives with a unique understanding of their target market.

Drug development

Yesterday’s home runs don’t win today’s games.

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