Laboratory services for the germ and plasma research and development center include research on genomics, seed development and breeding. The research would be used to develop proprietary products and patents as well as being sold as valuable research information.

Services include product certification.

Certified Products: Legal Compliance

  • Product Quality – No mold or parasites
  • Batch Testing – Ensuring consistency and quality of products
  • Tracking – Crown Baus’s “seed to sale” system


Seed to Sale

Medical Cannabis or Cannabis has been used for centuries and generations. Many healthy and healing benefits were found that have alleviated ailments and shaped our politics, economies, culture and societies evolution. Many states nationwide have become a part of that due process and have implemented Medical Cannabis Programs. It is Crown Baus’s desire to contribute with the privileged participants of this program and to serve clients who are suffering true illnesses by increasing their quality of life. Among the added benefits of this contribution to the local community is producing new tax revenue for states nationwide.

Drug development

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