Over-The-Counter Products

Crown Baus will co-author and introduce legislation to create an over-the-counter program within the decriminalization structure.
Model of Regulation

  • Commercial production is limited to licensed producers
  • Quality control and potency is regulated by the state board on science, and the potency of the product is made publicly available to the consumer.
  • Retail sale of the product is limited to state licensed distributors and/or clients.
  • The state imposes strict controls on who may obtain the product (no minors); where they may legally purchase it; when they may legally purchase it; and how much they may purchase at one time.
  • The state imposes strict regulations prohibiting use in public and/or furnishing the product to minors.
  • The state imposes strict regulations limiting the commercial advertising of the product.
  • States and counties retain the right to revoke the retail sale of the product.
  • Implementation of an in-kind DUI law is vital so not to endanger the roads.

Some think to regulate similarly to tobacco and alcohol due to the over-the-counter nature of the business. Crown Baus argues that this is not the best way as it may lead to a negative impact on children and other sectors of society. Our structure creates full access for those who need it to improve quality of life either holistically or medically and provides the products to the people that need it most.

Drug development

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