State by State

New markets and economies are being created and Crown Baus Capital Corp. and its investors are in a most advantageous position to benefit and prosper. State by state economic stimulus, expansion, and growth are being established through tax generating and legally compliant Medical Cannabis, Recreational Cannabis, and Hemp Programs. These programs have created a multi-billion dollar market which means that even just a small market share for Crown Baus translates into big profits and returns.

Over 20 states, including Washington D.C., have made progress on their medical cannabis programs. Colorado and Washington have already begun to take advantage of the additional economic growth of recreational programs. These programs will create over $100 million for the individual states that participate in these tax generation methodologies over the next ten years. These markets nationwide are currently valued at more than $7 billion, with the hemp market already worth approximately $500 million.

The Crown Baus business design encompasses all business model and profit center aspects of these programs vertically integrated in the entire ‘seed to sale’ process. This process is a primary ‘seed to sale’ business model of education, cultivation, research, quality control, manufacturing, production, testing, observational trials, clinical trials, patents, distribution and consulting. Each of these aspects contains their own cash flow models and operations.

The Crown Baus strategies and business models are applied to the Medical Cannabis Program, Recreational Cannabis Program, and Hemp Program.

These models create synergies, cost savings, and other cross selling benefits that give Crown Baus a distinct advantage in the market.

The Medical Cannabis Program is pharmaceutical grade and the model is based off of a biotech pharmaceutical company. Formulations are researched with our partners and applied to critical ailments of Crown Baus patients. We are paving the way for new and innovative solutions to alleviate suffering an promote wellness.

The Recreational Cannabis Program is operated similar to the alcohol or tobacco three tier system. Recreational products contain lower potency, are sold at higher prices, and are taxed at higher tax rates – about twice as much as the medical program.

The Hemp Program is currently fully legal, so it creates our initial source of revenue. This program is managed and operated with the support of the agricultural community. Hemp products are currently legal nationwide.

This makes the Hemp Program the core manufacturing business of revenue generating activity. Crown Baus has access to a premium hemp based product line which can begin to be distributed immediately. These products include cosmeceutical, nutraceutical, personal care, and anti-aging cream, and lotions.

Education and hemp create revenues for operations while other profit centers in the ‘seed to sale’ process mature with legislation. Our education resources are unmatched by any other as they have access to our strategic partner, Patients Out of Time, which owns the only education accredited for doctors and nurses to gain Continuing Education Units/Credits (CEU’s or CEC’s) regarding medical cannabis.

Over 20 states including Washington, D.C., have taken steps toward realizing the benefits of these programs and several states nationwide have already circulated and even passed legislation. That law, due to general language and the unknown details at the time, left holes open in the program. Crown Baus technologies is best positioned to advance these programs to the benefit of citizens nationwide, the company, their investors, and their employees by establishing a program that may be used as a model going forward by new states implementing their programs as well as existing states looking to improve their programs.

Crown Baus stands out as the quintessential joint venture resource nationwide and is the choice company in the areas of implementation and management of the Medical Cannabis Tax, Recreational Cannabis Tax, and Hemp Tax Pilot Programs for the U.S.

Crown Baus has created a superior model for implementation of all opportunities and aspects  of the ‘seed to sale’ market process and consistently achieves the highest standards of quality, in a fully and legally compliant manner, while creating multiple benefits across the economic, political, cultural, and social systems.

Crown Baus has the best network of industry leaders, business resources and top consultants in the business at their fingertips. Our model exceeds industry standards for commercial, industrial, and agricultural production by exceeding Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) quality.

Beneficial outcomes in education, correctional facilities, and VA programs are predicated by creating tax revenue that can support these programs and also by reducing expenses associated with these groups, including healthcare.

Due to the size of the potential market, revenues quickly climb into the $10,000,000’s with a justified potential of over $100,000,000.

Our plan illustrates a five year increase to a net worth of $93,000,000. The company’s above average growth is due to market expansion, and due to their established advantage as the market leader with their strategic partners.

Currently, U.S. imports of hemp from Canada and China equal around $2 billion annually.

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