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Crown Baus could distribute your next project. We are accepting submissions of completed motion picture, television productions in need of distribution.

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Crown Baus is committed to distributing top quality entertainment projects targeted to the urban community. The Company offers distribution services with its strategic global alliances internationally. In addition to its high quality distribution services, Crown Baus works to develop in-depth media & marketing campaigns that take each and every project to new levels of public awareness and success.


A Little Theatrical Distribution

Most feature films released in the US and Canada are negotiated with a distributor, who then places the film in theaters for their public debut. This so-called “Domestic Theatrical Release” is valuable for a number of reasons:

  1. It is a direct source of income from ticket sales.
  2. It exposes the target audience to the film via advertising and word of mouth, so that ancillary market opportunities are greater. A film with a significant US Theatrical Release stands a better chance of selling more DVD’s, commanding a higher price for cable and networks, etc.
  3. A Theatrical Release is required for certain awards, such as the Academy Awards, Oscars and nominations in turn have a positive impact on box office and ancillary revenue streams. Independent producers, lacking an international distribution system, must negotiate with an established Major Studio for the Theatrical release and other distribution rights for their films.

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