Motion Picture Production

Crown Baus could produce your next project. We are accepting submissions of completed motion picture, television productions in need of production.

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The Company will also take advantage of financial incentives like tax credits, cash, and other soft money credits being offered by several states like, New Mexico, Oregon, Louisiana, Minnesota, North Carolina, and Georgia to name a few. These states offer incentives to encourage production in their respective states. Other incentives similar in nature are offered by foreign countries like Canada, Germany, UK, Romania, Poland and Australia; all of whom offer cash and other incentives to bring production to their country. These incentives become part of the production budget and thereby reduce the amount of equity required for investment into a project. The Company will also utilize Distributor minimum guarantees received from our major distribution partners. There guarantees are bankable and thus offer the Company yet another avenue of revenue. Incentives and minimum guarantees utilized for funding are beneficial for two reasons. First, they will not diminish the equity positions of investors and second, they serve to mitigate risk as our distribution partners are financially invested in the project with us.

Another area the Company intends to reduce the risk is through, the pre-sale of foreign licenses, but on an as needed basis only. Pre-sales are payable on delivery of the film, but are usually secured by letters of credit from the foreign distributor. These letters of credit are bankable and therefore offer the company another avenue to increase its production dollars.

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