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By generating product at substantially reduced cost and operating overhead, independents can achieve a profit threshold at a substantially reduced sales base in comparison to its major distribution counterpart. Crown Baus’s ability to substantially reduce production costs through its management of hard resources, its executive and administrative expertise and its direct access to active outsource relationships in the entertainment community. Additionally, the traditional thinking of hefty advances or signing bonuses to artists does not apply here. All of the “fat” is being trimmed in favor of returning to, as an example, the Berry Gordy model for the original Motown records – but apply the corporate logic to a 21st century market.

Motown originally executed everything internally with minimal staff and outsourcing only where required (as an example, regional promotion staff and field sales staff). Motown provided for all artist development resources internally including songwriters, musicians under contract, recording facility, protocol instructors for their artist roster, interview training, theatrics and choreography for live performances and television tapings, and so on and so forth.

The opportunity for Crown Baus success presents itself with the combined potential of today and forthcoming technologies and their cooperative relationship with entertainment and information media and our company’s imagination and thirst for profit earning ideas & consumer product development.

Proactive relationships on a joint marketing/promotion level are essential to our strategy and will be developed on a product by product basis. As a mutlimedia company and publisher in its initial two year period our product is common but different in that each product brings its own individual personality and concepts, thereby opening the door to different methodologies of consumer awareness and joint venture marketing and promotion strategies.

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